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The Tria Elegance Restaurant is located in the very heart of Istanbul, and it means that authentic Turkish dishes cooked according to the Ottoman recipes are waiting for you.

In the Tria Elegance Restaurant you can try many delicious dishes like lamb baked with cinnamon sticks in furnace. Meat is served with rice, raisins, and pine nuts here. You can taste chicken breasts with cream sauce and peaches, beef and chicken kebabs, and cut tomatoes with pomegranate sauce and nuts for garnish. Tria Elegance means real Ottoman interior and authentic Turkish cuisine.

We suggest you to try anise-flavored vodka raki with spiced lamb dishes. Turks add water to it and sip it. Raki emphasizes the taste of meat and does not besot, and therefore it is called lion's milk in Turkey. Chocolate soufflé, the pride of our chef cook, is served for afters. Everything is authentic in the Tria Elegance Restaurant: only fresh organic food, the best Turkish recipes, and designer interior.

According to tradition, Turkish meal ends with a fragrant cup of Turkish tea - which they present you in the restaurant - we recommend to drink it while sitting on a cozy terrace overlooking the pedestrian street in Istanbul…

In the Tria Elegance Restaurant clients can order group lunches and dinners for up to 50 people. In addition, we offer various menus.