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Tria Terrace

This place is a real old Istanbul. Pedestrian paved street, for hundreds of years erased by hundreds of thousands of feet of Istanbul guests and residents... Fishermen's huts on the shore of the Bosphorus with a strikingly beautiful view... Rows of cafes, restaurants and small hotels, stretching along the 14-century-old walls of Constantinople... Tria Restaurant - the queen of Istanbul - is situated exactly here. Having visited this place, you'll finally understand what an authentic Istanbul means. The city on the Bosphorus, the border of Europe and Asia, East and West, Istanbul is the same as it is in reality. Finally you will feel the taste of Istanbul.

Of course, a restaurant with a terrace where you can look steadily at the walls of the Byzantine era keeps the atmosphere of medieval. Due to bold and original design solutions, nevertheless preserving traditional concepts of the interior, Tria combines three styles: Byzantine, Ottoman, and the one that characterizes the city of 20-30th of the last century, at a time when Istanbul was called "Oriental Paris". Tria Restaurant expresses the ancient simplicity of Constantinople, the Ottoman medieval luxury and indescribable charm of good old Europe. Tria means Istanbul itself...