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Tria Elegance has a good restaurant and rooms. The house is beautiful, but its real crown - as it should be - is located at the top. Terrace of Tria Elegance! Let us rise to this hatched platform with marble floors, comfortable furniture, and be silent for a while. Well, who can stay calm admiring the panoramic Bosphorus? It is ideal for those guests who want to be alone with themselves and the Beauty. We advise you to relax in your room after walking in Istanbul, and then come here to read a book accompanied by the cries of seagulls, drink tea, watching the sun goes down into the Bosphorus... Just watch how the Bosphorus merges with the Sea of Marmara, fishing boats and barges scurry along the light-flooded Strait and the giant cruise liners solemnly sail... You can admire the Asian side of Istanbul through binoculars, sipping coffee and sitting in a comfortable chair without your shoes... Or take a photo from the best observation desk of this part of the city - the terrace of the Tria Elegance Istanbul... What could be better? Each guest of Tria Elegance can turn his head to see the magnificent views of the two giant Istanbul temples - Blue Mosque and St. Sophia Cathedral. You can watch them from this very platform! There is a saying - to see Istanbul and die. The terrace of Tria Elegance offers a better alternative: to see the Bosphorus, Saint Sophia and Blue Mosque and... keep living in the hotel, enjoying the breathtaking views and cuisinetogether with the staff's hospitality and friendliness. This is Istanbul. This is Tria Elegance Istanbul.